Compositing with a Mime

March 13th, 2012

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So my final for compositing we had to make a “ipod inspired” commercial. My wonderful group and I decided to do a parody called ‘iMime’. In our group you had me, who specializes in video production and my two partners Sammie and Gabriel who are talented animators.

Storyboards by Gabriel Gonzalez
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We shot with the Panasonic HPX-300, a camera with a decent codec, DVCPRO-HD 100mbps 10-bit 4:2:2. Settings 1080i-60p with a frame rate at 24pn with it’s stock Fujinon 17x zoom lens.

The challenge we had was having the body of the mime be silhouetted in black while keeping his gloves white. When it came to shooting that was the tough thing. What we did was buy a $50 morph suit which allowed us to easily key out the silhouette of our mime against the green screen.

We found really bright blue hue gloves. We knew this would bring us our biggest challenge when he was using his hands to do mime-like movements, creating shadows that would be difficult to key. We spent a lot of time in adobe after effects finessing with keylight 1.2 and it’s variables.

I found that lowering the screen gain a little and the screen balance to zero was a big help. Also, in the screen matte section of keylight the ‘clip black’ and ‘clip white’ allowed me to pump up the gloves and remove detail to give us a more cartoon look and get rid of some grain in the blacks.

FYI. For trackmatting the gloves in after effects, we duplicated two layers of Sam, our actor. One layer below, being trackmatted to black silhouette and the other layer on top which isolated the gloves and trackmatted it white above the black silhouette.

Then we added some music note character animations made awesomely by Sammie Watson and Gabriel Gonzalez, some beethoven and dubstep and here is the final product:

iMime from Brandon J. Garcia on Vimeo.

Last Leg of “5th Wheel”

December 7th, 2011

Here we are, nearly a week from premiering 5th wheel!

I am excited.

I am hoping this is good enough to turn into a web series.

We shall see. Stay tuned.

5th Wheel Update 11-29-11

November 30th, 2011

The Fine cut of 5th Wheel is done. We are sweetening the audio and getting the special effects + animations done and implementing them. Myself and the stars of the film Mark and Dave are currently working on an 8 episode web series. We are currently writing all 8 episodes which will be 2-5 minutes long and shoot them all in about a month, so stay tuned for that. Here is the intro animation to the fake dating show in the film “5th Wheel”

Music is coming together and it is going to be hilarious!


5th Wheel update

November 23rd, 2011

putting the rough assembly together. Should have a rough cut in a week or so. Hopefully

Motivation and Award Shows.

August 19th, 2011

When I started film school I really had no idea what to expect as far as where my interests would turn to. My first film I ever did in school 2.5 Years ago was a Kung Fu Spoof comedy called “Spung Fu”. I wrote, shot it, directed it, edited and everything else. Pretty much made the whole damn thing by myself with the actors on a piece of crap SD MiniDV cam.

(Watch Spung Fu)

At the time, when the film was done, I was really proud of it. How I pulled that film out in two days, its weird how things like that come together. It really made me understand that this is a team effort, a film can’t be made by just one person.

I loved it so much I entered it into the schools award/film competition show at the end of the year.

A few months later the awards came. My film was the first of the narratives to play. It got a lot of laughs. I was eager to see what I would win.

When they gave out the awards. Spung Fu didn’t win anything. I was completely shocked and very disappointed and bitter. I felt like I was getting turned down by my high school crush. Except after she said “No” she roundhouse kicked me in the face. Just a terrible feeling.

I was determined, the next year I was going to get better. I wanted to become the best in school.

I got a lot better. I worked hard on projects outside of school, trying to build a resume. I put it the best music video I ever did and a few other projects… and I didn’t win.

Oh, man. I almost threw myself under a bus.

But the thing is, Spung Fu sucked, my other projects; adequate, but not professional. I was so blinded by my ego that I didn’t realize that I had a lot to learn and becoming a master of your craft doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes decades.

You can’t go around thinking you’re as good as you’re ever going to be, or else your how can you expect to grow as an artist?

These experiences helped shape me into not only the filmmaker I am today but the person I am today.

Two years after being a loser at the awards, I finally won. My commerical, “Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts” won best of its category.

Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts Commercial from Brandon J. Garcia on Vimeo.

It feels good to be recognized.

I feel like I’ve learned from these experiences and I am only scratching the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.